What’s Your Dune Buggy Worth? Let’s Find Out

A dune buggy is a very fun and entertaining vehicle to have, especially if you like to go on off-road trails. That said, there might be reasons as to why you want to get rid of your dune buggy and would, thus, like to get an estimate of what your current dune can sell for. So, what is your dune buggy worth?

There is no single way to determine what the worth of your dune buggy is. Dune buggies can vary from anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. What will determine how much you can get is dependent on the brand, age, size of the engine, and other related specifications of your dune buggy.

If you want to know what the worth of a dune buggy is, it is most likely for one of two reasons. You either wish to sell your dune buggy and buy something else, or you want to compare the prices of dune buggies to other vehicles to determine which vehicle has more utility for its price. But, before you choose either vehicle, it is important to know what different off-road vehicles are used for and what their advantages are. All of this we explore!

What Is Your Dune Buggy Worth? Let’s Find Out

There are a couple of things that affect the price of your dune buggy. Most likely, the price of your dune buggy will depend on the dune buggy’s power, quality, brand new or used, and on the dune buggy’s brand.

If you are looking to buy a very good dune buggy, you can look at anything between $3,000 and $8,000. Some dune buggies can even go for prices beyond $20,000, but they are very high-end buggies and some of the most expensive dune buggies out there.

If you are looking for a dune buggy for a child, you can rest easy because they cost much less than those made for adults. A children’s dune buggy can cost approximately $500 and come in gas or electric-powered form.

There is no single rule that you can use to determine an exact price of the value of your dune buggy. What you will have to consider is the supply and demand for your dune buggy – all of which are dependent on your dune buggy’s stats (power, brand, age, etc.).

Should You Sell Your Dune Buggy For An ATV?

ATV and dune buggies are very fun vehicles that can bring a lot of joy and entertainment. But, you might feel that you are in the market for something new.

If you want to know the prices of dune buggies, either to help you decide between dune buggies or ATVs or if you want to know the worth of your current dune buggy so that you can sell it to replace it with an ATV, first make sure you know the facts.

Before you choose between a dune buggy and an ATV, it is important that you first consider the differences between them. Thereafter, we can look at the advantages these two different types of vehicles have over one another. This aid in making an informed decision about what might be best for you.

Differences Between Dune Buggies And Atvs

It should be mentioned, firstly, that both the vehicles are off-road vehicles and are meant for similar terrains. The differences, however, are quite a few.


One of the main differences between dune buggies and ATVs is what they can do and where they can go. In general, ATVs can only be used by a single person at any given time and have no space for passengers. This means that you cannot really share experiences with someone else while driving an ATV.

ATVs have a large scope of application and are used in some continents to help on farms, whereas on other continents, they are merely used for fun and entertainment.

Dune buggies, however, are mainly used for fun with no commercial application. They have more versatile bodies that can be customized to support more than four passengers, or they can be customized to have two seats but a lot of storage. Dune buggies can even be made road legal.


Dune buggies almost always have 1600cc engines. This makes them very small, powerful vehicles. ATVs, on the other hand, come in much smaller engine capacities, ranging between 50cc and 1000cc.

Something to note is that the configuration of an ATV makes it more reliable to do tasks that require a lot of power, despite its smaller engine capacity. Accordingly, if you just want to have a bit of fun, buy a dune buggy, but if you want to work in rough terrain, an ATV with a larger engine capacity will work better.


ATVs are very versatile when it comes to their shape. Some of them have rooftops, and some even come with tow bars. Thus, they can range from smaller shapes to shapes barely smaller than a small car. This can lead to scenarios where the ATV can roll over if not handled properly.

Dune buggies, however, have a very low point for their center of gravity. This makes it very difficult to roll them. This makes dune buggies very good at handling diverse circumstances, but even this has its limits. Dune buggies generally require open spaces or normal roads.

Road legality

Generally, ATVs are not legal to be on the (public) road. This is why ATVs are always towed by other vehicles to their final destination. Furthermore, it is impossible in most countries to modify your ATV to make it road legal.

Since dune buggies are based on VW beetles that are already road legal, making them road legal is very simple. Dune buggies are merely registered as vehicles that are modified.


When looking at the price of an ATV, they are very affordable. This is especially true if you consider that second-hand ATVs are sold at a tiny fraction of what the original unused ATVs are sold for. Thus, you will have a lot of money left you can use to repair the used ATV. On the other hand, racing and utility ATVs can be more expensive.

The prices of dune buggies are a bit more fixed but can be a bit more expensive in the long run. They have higher initial costs, such as buying new engines or paying someone to install new parts and components in your dune buggy. The problem is dune buggies have costs that only occur after a long time of usage, and you can only buy used parts.

This means your dune buggy relies on older parts that can break, which will lead to more costs, and these old parts require a lot of money to install.

ATVs do not use older parts, and if you need to replace some parts, you can contact the right manufacturer to provide you with them. Ultimately, dune buggies are a bit smarter when it comes to costs.


Dune buggies have the following advantages over ATVs:

  • They are safer than ATVs. This is owed to the fact that they come with seatbelts and a roll cage.
  • As mentioned before, they can carry passengers, which means you can share the experience with friends and family.

ATVs have the following advantages over dune buggies:

  • You can attach more accessories to an ATV than a dune buggy, and you can drive in more terrains with ATVs. This is owed to an ATVs superior versatility over a dune buggy.
  • They can fit more trails because they are smaller. Some trials require a maximum vehicle width, which ATVs often comply with and dune buggies don’t.
  • ATVs are often much cheaper than dune buggies. Good ATVs can go for around $9,000, whereas good dune buggies go for $18,000


In conclusion, the worth of your dune buggy can only be determined with reference to the demand for it at a given point in time. There are many factors that can influence this – the most obvious ones being the condition the buggy is in as well as the performance and brand of the buggy. That said, high-end buggies can range from anything upwards of $3,000.

Your buggy, if taken good care of, will most likely be slightly lower than what you paid for it since dune buggies don’t lose their value as easily as ATVs.

If you do decide to know the worth of your buggy because you maybe wanna sell it to get another type of off-road vehicle, such as an ATV, it is important that you know why you want to use the off-road vehicle. If you just want to have fun, it is, perhaps, better to think of your dune’s value as how much joy it brings in your life. If you want something with utility in harsh environments, perhaps you should sell your dune buggy for an ATV.






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