Off-roading boots are sometimes overlooked by newcomers to off-roading activities. A good pair of boots is, however, an indispensable part of your off-road riding gear, and you should look at acquiring a good pair before your next off-road outing!

Many people think a good pair of hiking boots or a pair of sneakers will do, but a good pair of riding boots will protect not only your feet but also your shins.

Many off-road riders consider a good pair of boots to be the second most important part of their personal protection riding gear next to their helmet!

A good pair of boots should protect you for the following possible circumstances.

  • When you take a fall or clash with other riders, the boots will protect your shins, feet, and ankles from injury.
  • Stones and debris thrown up from the back wheel from riders in front of you.
  • To protect your lower extremities from rocks and trees along the trail and from branches whipping your legs.
  • Protection on the track in the event you are ridden over by other riders after a fall.

In the off-roading sector, the best boots are those that are designed and marketed as motocross boots, and these riding boots are designed to protect you for rough trail riding conditions. Even though they are marketed as motocross boots, they are the best product for dirt bike trail riding as well as off-road ATV riding!

To help you with selecting a good pair of off-road boots, we have selected several good candidates in several price ranges that will not only suit your pocket but offer you the best protection out on the trail or the track!

Best Off-Roading Boots – Fox Racing Comp X Boots

In the category Best Off-Roading boots, we have selected the Fox Racing Comp X Boots. Fox is a company that has decades of experience in the motocross sector and its quality equipment has earned them a reputation and a significant following in this area.

These boots have a good grip on the soles for any weather conditions, an internal lacing system for added fit and comfort for your ankle, a shin plate, toe cap, and calf guard to give you good all-round protection. These boots come in at slightly over $200

Best Beginner Off-Roading Boots – O’Neal Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Boot

Our selection of a great off-roading boot for a beginner is the O’Neal Unisex Adult Motorcycle Boot! These boots are durable and ideal for adventure riding, trail riding, and enduro riding.

They offer great protection, and the quick-release metal buckles make it a quick process to get them on and off.

The inner sole of the boots are removable and can be washed to remove sweat and dirt.

The upper part of the boots is constructed from a combination of comfortable suede micro-fiber and full-grain leather, which helps with breathability!

At around $199, these boots are great for people just getting into off-road riding. O’Neal is another manufacturer that is renowned for its quality off-road and motocross gear!

Best Budget Off-Roading Boots – O’Neal Element Men’s Boots

Compromise on quality does not need to be the definition of budget, and this is definitely the case with our selection of O’Neal Element Men’s Boots as the best budget off-road boots at the price of just over $170!

As mentioned, O’Neal is a respected brand in the off-road community, and these boots carry their reputation well!

They have a metal insert shank for support, four easy snap-lock buckles, air-mesh interior for breathability, and an insole with extra cushioning for comfort.

Best Kids Off-Roading Boots – O’Neal 0332-102 Unisex-Child Dirt Bike Boots

Our selection of off-road boot in the category best kids off-roading boots is another O’Neal product in the O’Neal 0332-102 Unisex-Child Dirt Bike Boots. These off-road boots have the same protection qualities as many adult boots and come in at just under $99.

The easy snap-lock buckle mechanism for opening and closing the boots is even easy for the kids to operate! They have a synthetic leather shield to protect against heat from hot exhausts or engines, a cool air-mesh interior, and an insole with extra cushioning. The metal toe guard will protect the sole of the boot from damage.

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