Mudding & Rock Crawling Accessories

Mudding and rock crawling are off-road activities that require some gear to make the experience enjoyable instead of a chore! Some simple accessories can make the difference between sitting on the sidelines for most of the day or participating in the fun with your vehicle!

Gear and accessories can make all the difference to a good day mudding or rock crawling or a bad day in your off-road vehicle! We have handpicked some quality products to help you start stocking your off-road gear bag with everything you need to support your off-road adventure!

We have selected several items that should be included in your gear as a minimum. These items will help you resolve simple issues regarding the environment, deflating and re-inflating wheels, and getting yourself out of a jam.

Work Gloves – Mechanix Wear

A pair of good work gloves can save your hands from injury, pinching, and scrapes when working on your vehicle or extracting your vehicle from the mud. Gloves will also help you to retain your grip on tools and equipment, even in wet and muddy conditions.

The set of gloves that we have selected are a pair from Mechanix Wear and are designed specifically for working on vehicles.

They are constructed from synthetic leather, which offers a higher abrasion resistance than other materials and thermoplastic rubber knuckle guards to protect your hands when tools and gear slip. A great feature is that they are completely washable!

Padding on the palm helps to absorb high-impact energy and dissipate it across the palm. These gloves are reasonably priced at a little over $30.

Headlamp – Super Bright LED headlamp

Working in the dark or in dim light conditions can be very frustrating and make the job take longer than it should! A good quality headlamp is a crucial part of the gear needed for mudding, rock crawling, or off-roading in general. This Super Bright LED headlamp is perfect for off-road applications, including hunting and caving!

It has a zoomable, magnifying lens with a wide-angle to give a wider field of view. It has 3 brightness settings so that you can adjust the amount of light for different conditions. The headlamp conveniently takes 3 AA batteries, so there is no need for electricity to recharge; simply carry some spare batteries n your gear.

This great outdoor headlamp comes in at just under $30!

Tire Repair Kit – Boulder Tools

Punctures are a normal part of the off-roading experience, so a tire repair kit is important to get that leak sorted and get you back into the fun!

This heavy-duty tire repair kit from Boulder Tools is exactly the puncture repair kit that you need in your off-road toolbox! The repair kit comes with all the bits and pieces that you need to fix punctures on tubeless tires, and the plugs provided are specially designed for heavy-duty use. This means they provide a superior seal for tires that have heavier demands put on them by the off-road environment.

This tire repair kit is priced at slightly under $40 and is a bargain for the comprehensive nature of the kit.

Tire Deflator – Heavy Duty Rapid Tire Deflator

Our recommended tire deflator is also from Boulder Tools and is their Heavy Duty Rapid Tire Deflator, which gives you all the control you need to reduce tire inflation depending on the requirements of the terrain!

This kit comes with the tire deflator, which has an accurate pressure gauge, a set of the valve cap, valve cores, and a 4-in-1 valve tool.

This product is durable and robust, making it perfect for the demands of off-roading activities! This kit is priced and slightly under $29!

Off-Road Spade – Hi-Lift HA-500 Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool

A spade is often one of the go-to tools to dig an off-road vehicle out of mud or sand or remove roots and other obstacles on the trail. A good quality, compact spade is a must-have item for the gear bag of anyone taking a vehicle on an off-road adventure!

Our selection in this category gives you more than just a spade! The Hi-Lift HA-500 Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool is a spade, pick, axe, and hammer all in one tool! The handle construction is of durable, heavy-duty steel, not lightweight aluminum!

The kit is packaged in a durable nylon bag that you can just toss I the back of your truck to have available when you need it!

This off-road spade kit is priced at just under $133!

Tire Pressure Gauge – Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

An accurate tire pressure gauge to quickly and accurately check tire pressure is a key piece of equipment for the off-road enthusiast! This Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge is great for the job! It is robust and features a glow in the dark gauge that helps a great deal when working in low-light conditions or checking tire pressure in the dark!

The connectors are made of brass, which is durable and rust-resistant, and the hose is a premium braided hose that is hard-wearing!

This tire pressure gauge is a good deal, priced at just under $19, for your off-road gear bag!

Off-Road Tool Set – DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set

It is an extremely frustrating situation not to have the right size wrench for the job at hand! With this off-road DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, you will be sure to have all you need in with regards to wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers! This compact, durable kit contains 172 pieces and comes in a hard-case that is ideal for keeping your tools protected in off-roading activities.

Dewalt is well known for quality tools, and this kit is no exception! The screwdrivers have anti-slip handles, and the ratchet is designed to get into tight spots and still have enough room to rotate with its 72 tooth ratchet.

This quality toolset is priced at slightly under $105!

Off-Road Jack – 48″ Hydraulic Lift Recovery Jack by ARB

The hi-lift jack has been a stalwart in the off-roading community not only for changing tires but lifting vehicles over an obstacle and even as a makeshift winch. The traditional hi-lift jack is, however, notorious for causing injury to unwary off-roaders! New technology has brought hydraulics to the hi-lift jack to make it safer and easier to use!

The 48″ Hydraulic Lift Recovery Jack by ARB brings hydraulic technology to the old style jack! ARB is a trusted brand for automotive tools, and this jack is no exception! The hydraulics make the jack not only easier to operate than the old style jack but safer too! The jack is rated to 4,409 pounds, which should be good for most off-road vehicles.

One of the new features is an adjustable foot, which allows the jack to adjust to the angle of the terrain and still operate safely!

This indispensable jack is priced at just under $792!

Battery Jump Starter – NOCO Boost HD GB150 4000 Amp 12-Volt Portable Lithium Battery Jump Starter Pack

A dead battery is another occasional problem you will need to deal with in an off-road situation, and if you are alone in the wilderness with no other vehicles, it could be a bit of a predicament! Fortunately, we have just the right bit of kit to breathe new life into your battery and get your vehicle started! The NOCO Boost HD GB150 4000 Amp 12-Volt Portable Lithium Battery Jump Starter Pack is a must-have item for these situations!

This excellent piece of equipment will give you up to 40 jump starts on a single charge, is USB rechargeable, and can also operate as a portable power bank for your cellphone or laptop computer. It also incorporates a flashlight for emergencies and can be used to power most 12 volt appliances in a pinch!

This handy jump start power pack is priced at just under $300!

Off-Road Vehicle Recovery Tools

Tow strap – Tow Strap Recovery Kit from motormic

One of the most important items of outdoor gear for the off-roader is a good quality tow strap. This Tow Strap Recovery Kit from motormic comes with “D” ring shackles, a shackle hitch receiver with locking pins, and a heavy-duty bag.

The strap itself is rated to 30 000 pounds, is 30-feet long and 3-inches wide, and is priced at just under $95!

Tire Traction Mat – Homeon Wheels Portable Tire Traction Mats

Another problem for off-roaders is when the terrain is not giving your tires good traction! Mud, sand, and snow can get your vehicle bogged down very quickly, and it is in situations like these that a set of traction mats is just what you need!

Our selection for gear in this category is the Homeon Wheels Portable Tire Traction Mats, which offer good traction support in sand, mud, slush, ice, and snow. They are very durable and can support vehicles that weigh up to 7 tons and are priced at just under $26!

Portable Air Compressor- ALL-TOP Heavy Duty Portable 12V Air Compressor Kit

When it comes time to inflate your tires, having a reliable 12V air compressor is vital. This is one reason for our choice in this category being the rugged ALL-TOP Heavy Duty Portable 12V Air Compressor Kit.

This portable air compressor can run up to 150psi and has cooling fins to dissipate heat when pumping up large tires. It also has an automatic thermal cut-off to protect the pump from overheating. The 26-foot hose gives a good range to reach around your vehicle.

This robust little compressor comes with a carry bag, and the kit sells for around $160!


When it comes to gear for your off-road vehicle, it pays to get the best products you can to ensure reliability and endurance. This will give you confidence that the gear will work when you need it to!

We have selected products that are top-notch to save you time trawling the internet to find rugged, robust tools and equipment.

The gear we have listed will be a good start to stock your gear bag for any outdoor adventure with your vehicle, whether it is a 4×4 trail, mudding, rock crawling, off-road ATV riding, or motocross riding. Any of this equipment would not be out of place in any of these activities!

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