Body & Neck Guards

Off-road riding is often considered a full-contact sport, not only with other riders but with nature itself. As with any sporting activity where there is potential for contact and collisions, a rider needs to take precautions that they are protected as much as possible to avoid injury.

Take adequate steps to protect yourself when riding off-road or competing in off-roading events to make sure you stay safe, injury-free, and able to continue enjoying doing what you love! Off-road body guards and neck braces will help you in the event of collisions and excessive jarring!

Body and neck guards are the ideal protection for your chest, back, and neck when enjoying your favorite off-road activity. The body guard will protect your chest and back in the case of a collision with other rides and from tree branches across the trail that you may encounter. The neck brace or neck support will help to protect your neck from injury in the same circumstances.

To help you choose the right body guard and neck brace for your off-roading requirements, we have selected some products that we recommend in various categories.

Best Body Guard And Neck Guard

The Alpinestars chest protector is our best in category recommended choice, as it features an embedded grid under the outer shell to absorb impact and spread impact forces over a wider area to reduce their danger to the rider. The design allows for comfortable flexibility and good airflow.

The body protector is modular and can be adjusted for different riding conditions. The retail price of this body protector comes in at around $259.

Best Beginner Body Guard And Neck Guard

Our recommendation for the best beginner body guard is the Troy Lee Designs guard, which is designed to absorb shocks and has a proprietary design air channel system that directs airflow over the rider’s skin to promote cooling. The guard is configurable to customize it for the type of riding the terrain demands.

The body guard is compatible with most popular neck brace designs, which does not compromise how the body guard fits or the protection it provides. The Troy Lee Designs body protector is priced at $184.

In this category of best beginner neck brace, we recommend the Leatt Brace GPX 3.5 neck guard, which incorporates a folding rear back strut to make packing easier, and the padding on the protector is ribbed to allow for airflow and improved ventilation. This neck guard retails for about $231.

Best Budget Body Guard And Neck Guard

In the category best budget body guard, we recommend the Alpinestars Bionic Protector, which has the same embedded grid impact absorption as our recommendation for the best body guard protector which is also made by Alpinestars. The airflow in this model is also good and the design is modular, allowing the armor to be configured to your needs. The upper back support can be removed to cater for a neck guard module to be fitted.

This model of off-road body armor retails for around $179.

Our recommended best budget neck guard is the EVS Sports R4 Race Collar which retails for around $109. It is made from a bio-foam that disperses energy but allows for a comfortable fit and an adjustable rear strut. It is lightweight and the easy locking mechanism makes it easy to fit and remove.

Best Kids Body Guard and Neck Guard

The body guard that we recommend for protecting younger off-road riders is the Leatt 2.0 Fusion Vest protector. This unit is a little more costly, coming in at around $249, but it has an integrated neck guard, so you get both a neck and body protector in one purchase. This body protector offers a design that provides comfort and additional padding with specialized foam to protect younger rider’s bones from impact. The foam hardens on impact providing the necessary dispersion of these forces.

If you already have a body guard and you are looking for a separate neck guard for the younger rider, then we recommend that you take a look at the EVS Youth Sports R4 Race Collar, which is priced at $76 and has a PU core to disperse energy and a bio-foam liner for impact absorption. The rear strut can be adjusted to the size of the rider and it has a rapid lock latching system at the front.

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