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Off-road riding is often considered a full-contact sport, not only with other riders but with nature itself. As with any sporting activity where there is potential for contact and collisions, a rider needs to take precautions that they are protected as much as possible to avoid injury.

Take adequate steps to protect yourself and your kids when riding off-road or competing in off-roading events to make sure you keep them safe, injury-free, and able to continue enjoying doing what they love!

To help you choose the protective gear for your kids’s off-roading requirements, we have selected some products that we recommend in various categories.

Best Kids Off-road Helmet – YEMA-211L

Our recommendation for the young off-road riders is the YEMA-211L which is suitable for both boys and girls. It is lightweight, durable, and complies with the DOT safety standard.

A great feature is a removable interior which is also washable. The helmet has good ventilation and has an attractive design.

At under $60 this helmet is good value for money for the younger rider.

Best Kids Off-Roading Boots – O’Neal 0332-102 Unisex-Child Dirt Bike Boots

Our selection of off-road boot in the category best kids off-roading boots is another O’Neal product in the O’Neal 0332-102 Unisex-Child Dirt Bike Boots. These off-road boots have the same protection qualities as many adult boots and come in at just under $110.

The easy snap-lock buckle mechanism for opening and closing the boots is even easy for the kids to operate! They have a synthetic leather shield to protect against heat from hot exhausts or engines, a cool air-mesh interior, and an insole with extra cushioning. The metal toe guard will protect the sole of the boot from damage.

Best Kids Off-Road Gloves – Fox Racing

Our selection for the best kids off-road gloves is another offering from Fox Racing. The durable material that these gloves are made from make them long-lasting and wear-resistant.

The gloves are touch screen compatible, so the kids can use their phones without removing their gloves! The fingertips have silicone prints for improved grip of the controls. Mesh material between the fingers makes these gloves flexible and comfortable and offers great breathability! These are a great buy for the younger riders at only $30!

Best Kids Knee And Elbow Guards

For the category Best Kids Knee Guard, we have chosen the Alpinestars Youth SX-1Off-Road Motocross Knee Protector which is a lightweight protector made from breathable material and designed to allow maximum ventilation.

The hinge for the protector plates allows for a good range of movement. The knee protection is provided by impact-absorbing PU foam.

This knee guard is priced at around $90 and is great for the younger riders.

In the category Best Kids Elbow Guard, we have selected the Troy Lee Designs Youth Elbow Guards which are manufactured according to international safety standards and at $24 is a great value for money products for protection for the younger off-road riders.

The elbow guard is made from strong polyethylene and the padding is a ventilated foam for comfort and airflow.

Best Kids Body Guard and Neck Guard

The body guard that we recommend for protecting younger off-road riders is the Leatt 2.0 Fusion Vest protector. This unit is a little more costly, coming in at around $240, but it has an integrated neck guard, so you get both a neck and body protector in one purchase. This body protector offers a design that provides comfort and additional padding with specialized foam to protect younger rider’s bones from impact. The foam hardens on impact providing the necessary dispersion of these forces.

If you already have a body guard and you are looking for a separate neck guard for the younger rider, then we recommend that you take a look at the EVS Youth Sports R4 Race Collar, which is priced at $84 and has a PU core to disperse energy and a bio-foam liner for impact absorption. The rear strut can be adjusted to the size of the rider and it has a rapid lock latching system at the front.

Best Kids Off-Road Jersey And Pants

Our selection for the best kids off-road jersey is the O’Neal Element Youth Jersey, which is breathable and draws moisture away from the rider’s body with a wicking effect.

This helps to keep the rider cool and dry.

The jersey also has sewn in padding at the elbows and retails at around $25!

In the category best kids off-road pants, we have selected the Answer Racing A20 off-road pants, which feature a combination of nylon and polyester, which make for a durable combination. The waist buckle is the ratchet type, which is easy to adjust for waist size.

These off-road pants for the younger rider retail for slightly over $50!

Best Kids Off-Road Jacket – Alpinestars Youth Bionic Jacket

Our jacket of choice for the younger off-road rider is the Alpinestars Youth Bionic Jacket, which is of a similar quality to our selection in the category of the best off-road jacket.

It has all the same features as the adult jacket with good, integrated armor, designed for excellent ventilation and flexible, lightweight material for the rest of the garment.

This off-road jacket is available in several sizes and is priced between $125 and $150 depending on the selected size.

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