Knee & Elbow Guards

Knees and elbows often take the brunt of a fall when off-roading on dirt bikes and ATVs and we all know how painful a knock to these body parts can be! Fortunately, manufacturers of protective gear for the off-roading community have realized the need for these knee and elbow guards and have produced gear to protect these extremities.

Many injuries in a fall while off-roading can injure the knee or elbow and this type of injury can keep you away from your favorite outdoor activity for weeks while you heal up.

To prevent both minor and significant injuries to both knees and elbows while off-roading, it is recommended that you invest in quality protection for these areas.

We have put together a list of knee guards and elbow guards that are suitable for various off-roading needs and ones that will fit within your budget.

Best Knee And Elbow Guards

In the category Best Knee Guard, we recommend the Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Set-L which is not only certified by the medical industry to protect the knee from injury, but it is also certified as a medical device for post-operative and injury support.

This is a highly rated product that is priced at around $370 but provides superior support and impact protection and the design is minimalistic which allows for good mobility and airflow.

In the category for Best Elbow Guard, we recommend the Alpinestars Sequence Motorcycle Elbow Protector which is lightweight, comfortable, and made from breathable material.

The elbow guard does not restrict the mobility of the arm and the polymeric injected grid structure does an amazing job of dissipating impact forces to the elbow. This elbow guard is priced at $60 and the amount of protection provided makes the price totally affordable!

Best Beginner Knee And Elbow Guards

In our category for the Best Beginner Knee Guard, we recommend the Alpinestars SX-1 Knee Guard. This more upmarket product has an extendable frame to provide additional protection for the thigh while retaining good mobility. The knee cap protector is constructed from impact-resistant foam and is padded on the inside with a soft stretchable roam and an air mesh to provide superior comfort and ventilation.

Priced at $120 this Alpinestars knee guard is well worth the investment.

In the category Best Beginner Elbow Guard, we recommend the Alpinestars Vapor Pro Elbow Protector Guard which boasts a new construction material that provides good flexibility in this range of products.

The polymer shell provides great impact resistance and the ergonomic shape is designed specifically for the needs of off-road riders. Priced at just $45 this is a great elbow guard for the beginner in off-road activities.

Best Budget Knee And Elbow Guards

In the category Best Budget Knee Guard, we recommend the Leatt White Large/X-Large Knee and Shin Guard which is a great product for the price of just under $100.

It allows for optimal fit and protection, made from high-density Polyethylene.

The inner foam is washable and made for comfort. The strap system is designed to prevent binding.

This knee guard is made by the same manufacturer as our recommended best knee guard, so you can be certain high standards of manufacture will be maintained for this product as well.

In the category Best Budget Elbow Guard, we recommend the Alpinestars Men’s Bionic Plus Off-Road Motorcycle Elbow Protector which has a dual strap system for easy fitting and removal and adjustability for different size riders.

The design is streamlined and comfortable yet providing protection where it counts with the impact-absorbing grid protection system.

Best Kids Knee And Elbow Guards

For the category Best Kids Knee Guard, we have chosen the Alpinestars Youth SX-1Off-Road Motocross Knee Protector which is a lightweight protector made from breathable material and designed to allow maximum ventilation.

The hinge for the protector plates allows for a good range of movement. The knee protection is provided by impact-absorbing PU foam.

This knee guard is priced at around $90 and is great for the younger riders.

In the category Best Kids Elbow Guard, we have selected the Troy Lee Designs Youth Elbow Guards which are manufactured according to international safety standards and at $24 is a great value for money product for protection for the younger off-road riders.

The elbow guard is made from strong polyethylene and the padding is a ventilated foam for comfort and airflow.

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