Helmet Cameras

Do you want to catch the action of your awesome off-road riding adventures to share with friends and family, or with the world via the internet? Do you want to create vlogs for all your rides, or do you just want to record your rides for safety purposes?

The best way to record your off-road riding adventures is with a helmet cam.

There is a wide range to choose from in this line of action cameras, so we thought we would help you with your selection by recommending some options for you so you can record your next ride!

Best Off-Road Helmet Cam – GoPro Hero 7 Silver

Our selection for the best action camera to record your off-road riding is a camera that has a well-established reputation in the role of recording action sports! The GoPro Hero 7 Silver digital action camera.

This camera is waterproof, can record video in multiple formats, including 4K, and has the capability of taking 10MP still shots.

The camera comes with an accessories kit that will allow you to mount the camera on your helmet or chest, and other accessories to use it for applications where you are not riding!

The camera and accessory kit are priced at just under $260.

Best Beginner Off-Road Helmet Cam – Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera

Our selection for the best beginner off-road helmet cam is the Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera.

This purpose-built helmet cam is lightweight and has a low-profile, which reduces wind drag on the camera. It has a microphone that you can fit inside your helmet so that you can give voice commentary while riding. The camera can record in quad HD and Full HD and has built-in WiFi so you can download your footage to your phone and post it online immediately after your ride.

The controls are easy to use, even while riding and with gloves on your hands.

This nifty little helmet cam is priced and slightly over $150.

Best Budget Off-Road Helmet Cam – Drift Ghost X Action Camera

For a helmet cam that won’t hurt your wallet too much, we have selected the Drift Ghost X Action Camera. This camera is a Full HD 1080P camera with 5-hour battery life. It has the capability for an external microphone, which you can purchase as an optional extra, to capture voice during riding.

The lens can rotate 300 degrees, which gives you flexibility for how and where you mount the camera. It has multiple video record modes and has WiFi capability. Drift mobile app allows you to access all the camera’s functions via the app on your phone.

The camera has a one-touch power and record button that are easily accessible with a gloved hand.

This camera is very reasonably priced at $90.

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