Jersey & Pants

The jersey that most off-road riders use is intended to cover up some of their protective gear, and most of the jerseys look cool and add some color and flair to a rider’s gear. They do not provide much in the way of protection for the rider.

The off-road rider’s pants, on the other hand, are an essential part of the rider’s gear and should be chosen with some care, depending on the rider’s requirements. 

We have put together a list of selected off-road jersey’s and pants for off-road riders in various categories, and they should help you to make the right choice for your off-road riding gear!

Best Off-Road Jersey And Pants

Our selection for the best off-road jersey is the Troy Lee Designs SE Pro jersey, which is made from ventilated polyester with air mesh on the front and back.

The material is stretchy to give a good fit over your protective gear and is breathable to keep the rider cool.

The stretchable material gives superior mobility for the rider. This jersey retails just under $70.

Our selection for the best off-road pants is the matching pair of Troy Lee Designs Men’s Offroad Motocross SE PRO Mirage Pants. These off-road pants are lightweight and are constructed with maximum rider mobility in mind.

Like the jersey, the pants are stretchable, providing a comfortable fit over the protective gear.

These off-road pants retain for just over $125

Best Beginner Off-Road Jersey And Pants

Our selection in the category of best beginner off-road jersey is the Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh jersey.

This stylish jersey is great for a beginner and has all the features of a more expensive jersey but is slightly more affordable at just over $40.

This jersey is lightweight and is made from a stretchable fabric that will easily go over your protective gear.

Our selection for best beginner off-road pants is the Troy Lee Designs GP AIR Pant Mono.

These beginner-friendly pants are both comfortable and stylish and cost just under $55.

Like the jersey, these pants are also lightweight and made from a stretchable fabric that will easily go over your protective gear.

Best Budget Off-Road Jersey And Pants

For the best budget off-road jersey, we have chosen the O’Neal Mayhem Crank Jersey, which features a v-neck collar and a multi-panel construction to give a good fit for the rider.

The graphics are specially treated to prevent them from fading.

This jersey comes in at a very affordable $40 and is lightweight and stretchable.

Our choice for the best budget pants for the off-road rider is the matching O’Neal Men’s Mayhem Crank off-road pants.

These pants have a double snap mechanism at the waist to keep them secure.

They also have triple stitching in high-stress areas for durability and vented mesh areas for breathability. These stylish off-road pants retail at around $99, which makes them a great budget option.

Best Kids Off-Road Jersey And Pants

Our selection for the best kids off-road jersey is the O’Neal Element Youth Jersey, which is breathable and draws moisture away from the rider’s body with a wicking effect.

This helps to keep the rider cool and dry.

The jersey also has sewn in padding at the elbows and retails at around $25!

In the category best kids off-road pants, we have selected the Answer Racing A20 off-road pants, which feature a combination of nylon and polyester, which make for a durable combination. The waist buckle is the ratchet type, which is easy to adjust for waist size.

These off-road pants for the younger rider retail for slightly over $50!

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