What Is Jeep Ducking?

We’ve all been in a situation before where a word or phrase is mentioned, and we have absolutely no clue what to think of it, much less how to respond to it. New terms are often present among car enthusiasts expressing their love and respect for like-minded owners. We might hear, “I’ve just been jeep ducked,” and wonder what that implies?

“Jeep ducking” is a tradition among owners of a 4×4 Jeep vehicle to place a large or small-sized rubber duck anywhere on or in the Jeep of another owner when they see it at any location. This tradition exists to show admiration for Jeep owners and enthusiasts.

Many questions come to mind once we know the tradition; for example, “Why rubber ducks?” and “What is so special about Jeeps?” To understand this sense of community among owners of Jeep, we have to understand what separates them from other 4×4 owners and where it all started. We can take a look at the origins of this tradition and if there are others like it.

Origins Of Jeep Ducking

Similar to all entertaining stories, the origin of Jeep ducking started as an impulsive and random act that inspired and entertained millions of people. But first, we should begin with the “Jeep wave” to explain the sense of community that has been present among Jeep owners for years now.

The Jeep wave is a well-known tradition among vehicle owners to wave at one another when passing each other on the road. This act has become so popular that the motor company Jeep even named their loyalty program the “Jeep wave program.” It seems that there already was an appreciation and respect for like-minded Jeep owners long before Jeep ducking.

However, Jeep ducking took this sense of community among Jeep owners to a whole new level, and it all started with a kind of impulsive act from a woman named Allison Parliament.

Allison was traveling from her home in Clanton, Alabama, to Ontario, Canada, to visit her family when she stopped for gas at a small town in Canada. It was here where the origin of the tradition had its first spark.

A man, who saw her license plates, confronted her at a gas station and accused her of spreading the Corona disease. This occurrence was upsetting for Allison, who found it quite challenging to continue with her road trip. A friend of Allison convinced and motivated her to continue to the family home, and thankful for the help Allison bought rubber ducks to hide in her friend’s house as a gesture of playful thankfulness.

On her way out of the store, she spotted a Jeep in the parking lot and decided to write “nice jeep” on one of the rubber ducks and place it on the Jeep. The Jeep owner saw this and was so amused that he informed her to put it on social media, and the rest is history.

How Popular Is Jeep Ducking?

Since Allison Parliament posted the rubber duck photo on the Jeep, it became an overnight sensation, and she even received 10,000 followers within a month on her “duck duck jeep” Instagram page. The popularity of Jeep ducking has primarily grown in the US and Mexico, but as a testament to its relevance, it’s now popular in more than 30 countries.

At this time, more than 50,000 people have already joined her official “duck the Jeeps” Facebook page, and at one point, 800 people joined within a week. With a variety of ducks being used by hundreds of different people, the popularity of this tradition even grew beyond Jeep.

This tradition spread to different vehicle’s including Subarus and even classic cars. Allison mentioned that she is proud that it’s extending beyond Jeep because, according to her, everybody deserves kindness now more than ever.

Jeep even took notice of this new craze and placed a hashtag “Jeep ducking” with their marketing when they announced the release of their new Wrangler Rubicon. With hundreds of people worldwide keeping bags of rubber duck in their cars to place on Jeeps, it’s no surprise that even a few celebrities, like NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace, started joining the fun.

Not only have a few famous people joined the Jeep ducking craze, but Allison herself became somewhat of a celebrity. She was invited to Jeep gatherings all over the continent as a special guest to sign and give away hundreds of ducks. A famous annual rally named “Wabash Valley Jeep Junkies” even invited her to raise money for breast cancer.

The panicle of this tradition’s popularity was when Allison was recognized in her Jeep by another woman who was in the process of ducking Allison’s car.

The Influence Of Jeep Ducking

With the continued growth of Jeep ducking, Allison started thinking about how she could use the momentum of its popularity to make the world a better place. This kindness is nothing new in Allison’s family as they have been known to help the less fortunate wherever they can, whether it’s giving jackets to school children or helping their neighbors with food.

Allison decided to create a non-profit organization, “Ducky Grants,” where teachers can apply for funds to purchase supplies for their classrooms they would otherwise have to pay from their pocket.

The proceeds of sold Duck Duck Jeep T-shirts and decals go to the Grants program to fund future projects. Allison is even planning a rally to invade Wetumpka, Alabama, with Jeepers and Droves to raise awareness of her program.

The goal of this rally is not only to raise money for her non-profit but also to bring some joy and life to a town that was damaged by a tornado a few years ago. Many people have already joined to support this cause including, bands, vendors, and even a group organizing a car show.

The influence of what started as a fun and joyful activity is starting to touch and change the lives of thousands of people.


Jeep ducking started as a random act of kindness that took America by storm. It has since turned into a worldwide phenomenon that inspires and aids the lives of thousands of people. Who knew that a simple act like placing a rubber duck on a Jeep would inspire many to raise money for a cause and join a Jeep rally for change.


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