How Often Should you Change Oil on a 2-Stroke Dirt Bike?

As a dirt bike rider, you enjoy getting out there and hitting the offroad tracks on your bike! Maybe you even participate in weekend races! Has the question of how often should you change the oil on a 2-stroke dirt bike factored into the maintenance of your machine, or do you only change oil at service intervals?

As a general rule of thumb, the frequency of an oil change should be between every 5 and 10 hours of riding. Many dirt bike riders, however, recommend a more frequent oil change of around every 5 or 6 hours of ride time.

But let’s take a look at why and see if this is something you should adjust in the maintenance of your dirt bike.

How 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes Use Oil

2-stroke engines differ quite substantially from 4-stroke engines in the way they use oil. Essentially, there is no reservoir of engine oil to be maintained, or topped up. This is because of the way 2-stroke engines are designed.

With these engines, the oil is added to the fuel in the form of a premix, so it is therefore not stored in a separate part of the engine where levels can be checked.

The amount of oil in the form of premix that needs to be added to the fuel needs to be per the recommendations detailed in the owner’s manual of your bike.

If the mixture is too rich, it is not wise to reduce the amount of premix, rather adjust the mixture at the carburetor. The oil in the premix is what is keeping your engine lubricated and running smoothly, so you don’t want to reduce the amount of premix.

So, when we talk about how often should you change the oil in a 2-stroke dirt bike, what oil are we talking about?

The only oil stored in a reservoir that is possible for you to change on a 2-stroke dirt bike is the transmission or gearbox oil. This is essentially the oil that lubricates the gearbox and all its working parts, rather than the pistons and crankshaft of the motor.

The good news is that changing the oil in your dirt bike is a quick and easy job. There are no oil filters that need to be changed. Just take out the drain plug, drain the oil and top up with fresh oil according to manufactures’ recommendations. The whole process should not take you more than 20 minutes or so!

Another great tip! Get yourself a magnetic drain plug! This can help you out big time if you forget to tighten the drain plug properly. At least you can be sure it won’t fall out when you are hitting those dirt trails!

Some Indicators That You May Need An Oil Change

Another question that may be asked when considering the frequency of oil change in your bike is what indicators to check that could show you need an oil change. We will cover a few of the main signs you can look out for that may show you need an oil change sooner rather than later.

  • How hard do you ride? If you push your bike to the limits for long periods regularly, you should probably consider changing your oil more frequently.
  • Clutch operations are stiffer and less smooth.
  • Gear changes are more difficult and rougher.
  • Transmission oil is dirty.

Any of the above factors may be an indication that the oil in your dirt bike needs to be changed more frequently than your current interval.

One of the culprits that cause dirty oil in off-road bikes is the materials that wear off the clutch and pressure plate. The particles become suspended in the oil, increase the friction, and consequently the wear on other components in the transmission housing, including the gears themselves.

Replacing the oil more frequently is the wiser choice than leaving contaminated oil in the gearbox longer to save a few bucks. Replacing the transmission on your dirt bike will definitely work out to be a costly undertaking, certainly more so than replacing the oil on a more regular schedule.

How To Inspect The Oil

To check the quality of the oil in the gearbox is not as simple as whipping out the dipstick and checking the level. You need to check the clarity of the oil, and whether there is any debris in the oil which could cause unnecessary wear and tear on the transmission.

If your bike has been standing, the heavier pollutants will sink down to the bottom of the oil. This means that if you check the oil it may give you a false indication of how dirty the oil is.

The best method to check your oil is to start your dirt bike and let it idle for two or three minutes, then let it stand for two or three minutes. Then, pull out the dipstick and look at the oil to check how clean it is. It also helps to take some of the oil from the dipstick and rub it between thumb and forefinger, firstly to feel for any grit and secondly to spread it out for better inspection.

The change in the color of your oil may be obvious. If it is black, then an oil change would probably be recommended.

How Often Should You Change Oil In A 2-Stroke Dirt Bike?

To sum up, the recommended answer to this question given at the beginning of this article is not always the best answer for your circumstances.

As with most questions of this nature, the better answer would be “it depends”! The factors mentioned, particularly how hard you ride, factor in determining the frequency of oil change required.

Obviously, if you are racing every weekend and pushing your bike to its limits around the track, it is vastly different to riding well-maintained dirt roads, or mountain tracks that don’t allow for high speeds. The terrain you ride, as well as your riding style, will determine whether you should change the oil in the recommended 5 to 10 hours of riding or the lower end of the scale in the 5 to 6-hour range.

The important factor is to change the oil as often as is needed, even if that interval is way shorter than what most people recommend!


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For any doubts or queries about your dirt bike and off-road adventures, be sure to check out this space for all the advice, tips, tricks, and hacks you need to make the most out of your off-roading adventures.

Happy dirt biking!

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