How Much Do Enduro Bikes Weigh

Enduro bikes are very fun, recreational bikes to have. Unfortunately, most of them are not street legal and have to be transported to the place where you wish to enjoy them. You may have worried that the enduro motorcycles may be too heavy to be transported with a normal car. Or, maybe, you are just curious in general and have wondered how much do enduro bikes weigh to determine what effect the weight of the enduro motorcycle has on the control you exert over it. So, how much do enduro bikes weigh?

There are many different kinds of enduro motorcycles, all of which have different weight specifications. The average weight of an enduro motorcycle is approximately 244 lbs. if we consider the most popular enduro bikes, the weight can range between 222 – 291 lbs.

The weight of an enduro motorcycle cannot be stated definitively since there are so many enduro motorcycles to choose from. That said, how can we give a rough estimate of what an enduro motorcycle weighs? In addition, if weight is so important, how can we decrease the weight of our enduro motorcycles? Below we explore examples of enduro motorcycles to determine how much they weigh, their types of weight, and how we can decrease their weight.

How Much Do Enduro Bikes Typically Weigh?

In order to establish how much enduro bikes weigh in general, we have to take a look at some examples of enduro bikes before we can draw any conclusions.

Below, we will take a look at some of the most popular and best enduro bikes on the market and how much they weigh. Thereafter, we describe some terminology – which is necessary to understand – in order to gain insight into the weight of enduro bikes. Thereafter, we draw some statistical conclusions on the weight of enduro bikes.

15 Examples Of Enduro Motorcycles

Nr.Enduro bike and descriptionWeight
1KTM 300 EXC TPI Enduro Dirt Bike This enduro bike has a lot of speed to offer to a rider that knows how to control an enduro bike.Dry weight of 228 lbs.
2Husqvarna TE 300i Enduro Motorcycle This is a two-stroke enduro bike with a great deal of on-road and off-road capabilities. This enduro motorcycle is slightly heavier than other enduro motorcycles, which can potentially provide extra control for the power the motorcycle has to offer.Dry weight of 234.1 lbs.
3Beta RR 300 Enduro Dirt Bike Some consider this as the best enduro bike for adventures. This enduro bike has a very light frame, which makes it more maneuverable when compared to other two-stroke enduro bikes.Dry weight of 228 lbs.
4Sherco 300 SE Dual Sport Motorcycle This two-stroke motorcycle is lighter than its predecessor by approximately 5.5 lbs. Since this motorcycle is very light and has a significant amount of power output, it is a strong competitor against other two-stroke enduro motorcycles.Dry weight of 226 lbs.
5GASGAS 300 EC This dirt bike is very versatile due to its very light sub-frame that is made of aluminum and its frame that is made of laser-cut steel. This motorcycle is lighter than some enduro bikes, but it does not have the same large tanks which other enduro bikes have.Dry weight of 234.1 lbs.
6KTM 350 EXC-F Dual Sport Motorcycle This is the four-stroke version of the KTM 300 EXC TPI Enduro Dirt Bike, and some consider it as one of the best adventure motorcycles on the market. It is, however, much more expensive than other enduro bikes, but it makes up for it in its weight. It is at the lower range of weight when it comes to four-stroke enduro motorcycles, which makes it easy to control.Wet weight of 236 lbs.
7Husqvarna FE 350 Adventure Bike This motorcycle is the four-stroke version of the Husqvarna TE 300i enduro motorcycle. It is a very affordable enduro motorcycle, especially if the power that it has to offer is taken into consideration. Its sub-frame is made of standard carbon fiber, which makes it very light.Dry weight of 241 lbs.
8The Beta RR-S 350 Enduro Motorcycle This is the four-stroke version of the Beta RR 300 enduro dirt bike. This four-stroke model is heavier than its two-stroke counterpart, which gives you extra control over the power the motorcycle has to offer. It is slightly more expensive than other enduro motorcycles, but since it comes with twin fuel injection, it is worth it.Dry weight of 241 lbs.
9Sherco 300 SEF Dual Sport Motorcycle This is the four-stroke version of the Sherco 300 SE Dual Sport Motorcycle and comes with a large tank and a very lightweight frame. The advantage of the lightweight frame of this enduro motorcycle is that it is very easy to maneuver in ‘tight’ situations.Dry weight of 221.6 lbs.
10Honda CRF450RL Enduro Dirt Bike This enduro bike is one of the few enduro dirt bikes that are completely street-legal. Additionally, this dirt bike is one of the most affordable four-stroke dirt bikes on the market. Regarding its weight, it is significantly heavier than other four-stroke enduro bikes, but the speed and power that this enduro bike provides compensate for any shortcomings. Some consider this as the best enduro dirt bike for beginners.Wet weight of 291 lbs.
11Honda XL 200R This enduro motorcycle is capable of taking you on most trails without costing you the fortune of purchasing a very expensive street- or dirt bike.Dry weight of 251.3 lbs. Wet weight of 273.3 lbs.
12Suzuki DR 350 This enduro motorcycle has a ‘modest’ power output and is described as a very capable off-road motorcycle. This motorcycle, however, is described as a bit large, which may force you to slide off of the machine if you come to a stop.Wet weight of 286 lbs.
13Zero FX This enduro motorcycle has been reported to be excellent for driving in the countryside. This electric motorcycle is capable of driving on the highway as well and comes with the added benefit of being quieter than other enduro motorcycles.Curb/Wet weight of 247 lbs.
14Beta Alp This motorcycle is described as a cross between an enduro bike and a trail bike, which gives the perfect combination of excellent handling and just enough power that is expected of a four-stroke engine.Dry weight of 238.1 lbs.
15Kawasaki KLX450R This motorcycle was meant for competing in enduro events. It has a significant power output and just the right weight to give it an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This enduro motorcycle is, in short, made for the dirt.Dry weight of 253.5 lbs.

If we were to list all the enduro dirt bikes there are available on the market; we would require a couple of pages. Accordingly, we will use the list as presented above to draw our conclusions. Since the motorcycles on the list were some of the top-rated and most popular enduro motorcycles, we can assume they are a fair representation of enduro motorcycles.

Terminology: Dry Weight Vs. Wet Weight

In the list above, we kept on referring to dry weight and wet weight. What is the difference, and how is this relevant?

1. Dry weight:

Dry weight is the terminology that is used to describe the weight of the motorcycle when the motorcycle does not have any fluids contained in the body of the motorcycle. In other words, if there is no water, oil, or gas present in the motorcycle which it requires to run. It follows that a ‘dry’ bike cannot operate.

This is, usually, the weight that manufacturers specify.

2. Wet weight:

Wet weight, or curb weight, is the gross weight of the motorcycle when the fluids that it requires to operate are present in the body of the motorcycle. In other words, all the water, coolant, gas, and oil that is necessary to operate the bike is present, and the weight of these fluids is included in the weight of the motorcycle.

This is, usually, not the weight that manufacturers specified when purchasing the motorcycle, but more manufacturers are shifting to using wet weight as opposed to dry weight to specify the weight of a motorcycle.

The reason for this is because if you wish to know how much your motorcycle will weigh, you will hardly ever use that information under circumstances in which your motorcycle will be devoid of all the fluids it requires to operate – instead, you will most likely want to know how much your motorcycle weighs in an operational state.

What does it matter?

The weights that are provided in the list above are a combination of dry and wet weights.

Now we know that if you have a dry weight of an enduro motorcycle, you will have to add a couple of pounds to get the ‘operational-‘ or wet weight of the motorcycle.

The opposite holds for wet weight; if you only wish to know how much an enduro motorcycle weighs without any mass other than the motorcycle itself, you are going to have to subtract a couple of pounds to get the bike from its wet weight to its dry weight.

Some manufacturers only provide the wet weight of their motorcycles, whereas others only provide the dry weight of their motorcycles. We are going to have to use the combination of both to determine how much enduro bikes weigh.

Statistical Analysis Of The Weight Of Enduro Motorcycles

The following data regarding the weight of enduro motorcycles can be gathered from the list above:

  • Enduro motorcycles have a weight that ranges between 221.6 – 291 lbs.
  • Enduro motorcycles have an average weight of 243.78 lbs.
  • The standard deviation of weight between the motorcycles is 20.31 lbs. This means that, on average and based on this sample, enduro bikes differ 20.31 lbs. from one another.

As mentioned before, dry and wet weights that were gathered from manufacturer specifications were used to draw these statistical conclusions. That said, more manufacturers provided dry weight as the weight specification than the wet weight as the weight specification of their motorcycle.

Accordingly, our conclusion is a bit skewed and represents the weight of enduro motorcycles when they have no fluids.

In conclusion, we can use the figures above to tell us how much an enduro bike weighs, for the most part, when there are no fluids, but if we wish to know how much they weigh when they contain fluids, then we simply have to add a couple of (anything between 13 and 20) pounds.

How To Make Your Enduro Motorcycle Weigh Less

Sometimes a lighter motorcycle is a little easier to control than a heavier motorcycle. This especially holds for enduro motorcycles – motorcycles that require an enormous amount of control due to the terrains and trails they drive on. So, how can we make ensure that our enduro bikes are as light as possible?

Titanium Parts

This will be considered by most as one of the most expensive ways of going about making your enduro motorcycle weigh less. If you are capable, you can replace certain parts of your enduro motorcycle, such as screws, bolts, nuts, and other similar components, with their lighter, titanium counterparts.

This option will take a lot of consideration on the part of the driver since the cost-benefit analysis is quite literal in this case: does the cost of the titanium parts provide the added benefit to you as the driver of having an enduro motorcycle that weighs less?

Decrease The Fluids In Your Enduro Motorcycle

Pay extra attention to how much gas you have in your motorcycle. If you are engaging in enduro-biking activities – competition or recreational – do you require a full tank of gas? Probably not.

If you care about the weight of your enduro bike and you want to make it as light as possible, try and use methods to determine how long the trail is that you plan on driving that day. Once you have established the distance which you will be driving and how much fuel your motorcycle will consume, only fill your fuel tank up accordingly.

Gas in your tank can weigh at least 13 lbs. if you have a full tank. If you are competing in high leagues, that may have an effect on your performance.

The Exhaust

It is standard in the industry of motorcycles as a whole to replace the exhaust of the motorcycle to make it lighter.

Exhausts found on most motorcycles – whether they are scooters, dirt bikes, or top-class street-legal motorcycles – are made from stainless steel or aluminum. These materials are quite heavy and can add a lot of weight to your motorcycle if the entire exhaust is made from them.

So, what can you replace your exhaust with? It has been mentioned before that you can replace tiny parts on your motorcycle with titanium – you can also replace your entire exhaust with a titanium exhaust. The same considerations would apply: titanium is quite expensive, and the driver will have to determine if the price of a titanium exhaust is worth the weight benefit that it provides.

If you are wondering about the fact that aluminum is lighter than titanium – do not worry; it is. That said, just because aluminum weights less than titanium does not mean that an aluminum exhaust will also be lighter than a titanium exhaust.

The reason for this is because titanium is vastly stronger than aluminum, and an exhaust that is made from titanium will be made with much less titanium and thinner manufacturing specifications.

Think Outside Of The Box!

If you have tried everything and no matter what you do, you just cannot get the weight of your enduro motorcycle to decrease to that ideal weight, you will have to resort to other measures and think outside of the box! In this case, we literally mean that you must think of places to decrease the weight that is not confined to your enduro motorcycle itself.

That is correct; we are not referring to cutting off weight from the enduro motorcycle but from the rider! If the gross weight of you and your enduro motorcycle is not the desired weight, maybe you should lessen the weight which your enduro bike has to carry around. The lighter the load, the more power your enduro bike will have to control the smaller load.

In short, start hitting the gym. The leaner you are, the less your enduro bike will be strained and can exert more control on the road.


In conclusion, we can derive that the average enduro motorcycle will weigh in the range of 221.6 – 291 lbs. If your enduro motorcycle contains fluids, it will probably weigh a little more.

If you feel that your enduro motorcycle is weighing too much, now you also have the knowledge that can help you decrease the weight of your enduro motorcycle. If all else fails, you can also focus on your own weight to get the perfect weight combination for your enduro-related activities!


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