Can You Ride an ATV While Pregnant?

Driving an ATV off-road can be very fun, and many people enjoy doing it. It is, unfortunately, not meant for all people, and some people should be a little more cautious before they hop on their ATV. If you are pregnant, you might want to consider if you form part of this group of people that should rather stay away until your circumstances return to normal. So, can you ride an ATV while pregnant?

You should avoid riding an ATV at all costs if you are pregnant. ATVs do not offer protection and are dangerous to drive as is. If you get into an accident, there is no roof, roll cage, or even doors to protect you and could cost you your life. If you are pregnant, this consequence is even worse.

Avoiding ATVs while you are pregnant is very good advice to follow due to the nature of an ATV. Can you, however, do other forms of off-roading while pregnant? Are there any safety tips for off-roading while pregnant? All of this we discuss!

Can You Ride An ATV While Pregnant?

There are some activities you should rather avoid while pregnant because they can lead to disaster. Can you ride an ATV while pregnant?

Extreme activities such as ziplining, trampoline jumping, other activities that require extreme motion and, yes, even riding ATVs (or other forms of outdoor biking) should rather be avoided while you are pregnant. This is because these activities can cause abdominal trauma or various other injuries.

When you ride an ATV, your aim is to usually go on very bumpy rides. This bumpiness can be discomforting to a woman while pregnant, and not to mention how dusty ATV rides can get.

According to some experts, you should not engage in activities that have extreme bouncy or jerky movements while you are pregnant. This statement becomes more critical if the mother is less than three months pregnant because the baby is probably still in a crucial stage of development.

Another reason why you should not go on rough, bumpy rides while pregnant is because the jerking motions you experience can potentially separate your placenta from your uterine wall. This is, however, in extreme cases.

Something to consider is that ATVs are quite large and heavy. They can roll over easily, which can put both the mother as well as the baby’s life in danger. The main problem with ATVs is that they do not offer the same protection as other vehicles; there is no roof, doors, or even a roll cage. These are things that are crucial to have if you are pregnant and get into an accident – otherwise, it might cost your own life as well as the baby’s life.

If you decide to drive slower, you might have a chance of avoiding the detrimental effects of using your ATV to go off-road. However, it must be stated that even if you drive slowly, you increase the chances of damaging your pregnancy and, perhaps, putting yourself in premature labor.

If you want to use your ATV to go off-roading, make sure to first consult your doctor. Your doctor can advise you and take into account all the necessary factors, such as the nature of your pregnancy or how far along you are in the pregnancy. The doctor will also be able to consider other health factors.

To be clear, off-roading in itself does not pose a lot of dangers, but it is the potential of something bad that can happen whilst off-roading. When you are pregnant, you have two bodies to worry about, not just one. That is why it is recommended to not engage in off-roading while pregnant.

In summary, you can technically ride an ATV while pregnant, but it is highly not recommended because of the various hazards and dangers posed to your baby’s life.

Tips For Driving Off-Road While Pregnant

There are basic tips to follow if you decide to go forward with your plans of driving off-road. These tips do not just apply for driving an ATV but apply to all vehicles when you decide to go off-road. Let us take a look at them.

1. Make Sure To Drive Slowly

It is obvious that if you do decide to go off-roading, that it would be best if you drive as slow as you can. As mentioned, the bumpiness of the roads can have small effects and will (probably) only harm your baby if you experience large bumps, but rather be safe than sorry and go slower.

2. Choose A Vehicle That Has Doors

If you go off-road, it is usually part of the fun to do so without doors. This is obviously the case when you use an ATV to do some off-roading. However, when you are pregnant, it is advisable to only go with vehicles that have doors. If you normally take a jeep to do off-roading, do not remove the doors.

Falling out of your vehicle is a very high risk, and doing so while pregnant is an absolute disaster. Thus, you would want to avoid door-less ATVs in general and only take vehicles that protect you, should get into a scenario where you can fall out of the vehicle. Logically, you should also always wear your seat belt while off-roading if you are pregnant.

3. Ensure That The Temperature In Your Vehicle Is Regulated

Again, if you use a normal ATV, you will not have the luxury of going off-road and having your temperature regulated at the same time. Thus, you should pick a vehicle where you can either open the windows or turn on the air conditioner.

During pregnancy, it is crucial that you are not subject to too high temperatures, thus make sure that if you ever plan on off-roading in mountains or deserts, that you choose a vehicle that can cool you off.

4. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Prepared For Emergencies

You will not necessarily encounter a disastrous event while off-roading, but you should always be prepared for the worst scenario to occur. It is better to not take unnecessary chances with your baby because the baby is very vulnerable during pregnancy. Make sure that you have plans in case things go wrong, and always have an aid kit in your vehicle.

Off-Roading To Avoid While Pregnant

It is important to consider the off-road types you must avoid while pregnant. It has been established, very clearly, that an ATV is a no-no if you are pregnant, but there are also other types of off-roads to avoid while pregnant. Let us take a look at them.

  • Racing: if you are pregnant, you definitely do not want to race on off-road tracks. The increased risks of driving high speeds and potentially causing an accident are not worth the life of your unborn baby.
  • Steep trails: If you go off-road and you have steep trails, you increase the chance of your vehicle tipping over, which can put your own as well as your baby’s life at risk. A general rule you can use is if you have to think about it, it is probably too steep.
  • Very bumpy trails: Small bumpy roads do not generally involve pregnancy complications, but engaging in very bumpy roads is probably not too healthy for the baby. Use your common sense and be safer than sorry – avoid off-roads that are too bumpy.


In conclusion, you can go off-roading while pregnant. As long as you are in a safe vehicle that has all the safety measures such as seatbelts, a roof, a roll cage, and so on, you should be fine – as long as you drive safely!

On the other hand, ATVs are a big no-no and should be avoided the moment you find out you are pregnant. ATVs are unsafe as it is, and you do not want to be the reason that your baby’s life is lost just because you could not wait to have a bit of fun. Rather be safe and wait till you are no longer pregnant.


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