Can You Do a Donut On a Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike can be a very fun toy if you know a couple of tricks you can do with it. We have all heard of cars ‘throwing’ donuts and seen how cool it looks, and sometimes we wondered if cars are the only vehicles that can do donuts. We know that dirt bikes are very good for driving on mud tracks, but what if you want to make stylish turns in a very short distance? Can you do donuts on dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes are capable of doing donuts; however, it all depends on the driver! Dirt bikes have the capability to do donuts, but in order to do a donut when using a dirt bike, there are certain things you should do. You should practice how to balance your weight and pivot around one leg while turning.

Dirt bikes are capable of doing donuts, but it does require a bit of knowledge on how to do them. Once you know how to do them, it takes a lot of practice! But donuts are not the only cool tricks you can do; there are various others! So, how does one do a donut on a dirt bike, and what are these other tricks? All of this we explore!

Can You Do A Donut On A Dirt Bike?

It is, in fact, possible to do a donut on a dirt bike, but in order to do donuts, there are some general recommendations to be made and instructions to follow that will guide you on how to do a donut. Let us look at them.

How To Do A Donut On A Dirt Bike

Now we can get to the practical part of doing the donut on the dirt bike. Here are the pointers you will use whilst you are attempting to do a donut on your dirt bike:

  • The first you want to do is make sure that you get your body at the front of your dirt bike as much as you can, without leaning directly against the steering wheel. The best spot is basically at the tip or just beyond the tip of your seat.
  • The best gears to use when doing a donut is either first gear or second gear. This does, however, depend on the dirt bike’s ratio.
  • You are going to want to stand up whilst doing the donut. If you can, try and make sure that your body is not in contact with the seat of your bike while you are doing the donut.
  • When you are doing the donut, put one foot on the ground and make sure that the other foot is on the peg of the dirt bike.
  • Depending on which direction you are turning (doing the donut), that will determine where which leg goes. If you plan on turning clockwise, you will want to have your right foot on the ground as the pivot with your left foot on the peg. On the other hand, if you plan on turning anti-clockwise, you will have your left foot as the pivot on the ground with your right foot on the peg.
  • When you start turning while doing the donut, try and lean the bike to the direction you are going sharply.
  • When you start turning your bike (after you have your one leg on the ground and you lean in the direction you are turning), make sure that your pivot foot is making small hops as you turn.

So, to explain doing a donut as one continuous action: start your dirt bike, lift your body so that you stand at the edge of the seat of your dirt bike, lean to the direction you want to do the donut, and use your pivot foot to stabilize yourself to prevent you from falling over in the direction you want to turn (it will take a bit of practice getting the angle of turning and leaning right).

Put the dirt bike in the right gear (depending on your bike), rev your engine and give it some gas, release the clutch immediately after as if taking off, and as you turn in the direction you chose, start hopping slightly on your pivot foot as you turn the dirt bike around it.

Now you know that it is possible to do a donut on a dirt bike as well as how to do a donut on a dirt bike, should you ever wish to give it a go!

Are There Any Other Tricks Besides Donuts That Dirt Bikes Can Do?

When it comes to the world of dirt bikes, there are many more tricks a person can do, other than doing a mere donut. ‘Throwing’ donuts are simple and fun but can get boring if that is the only trick you have in your dirt bike tricks arsenal. Now, let us talk about some other tricks one can do on a dirt bike.

Shaolin Backflip

This backflip is a special kind of backflip. To do this backflip, you start by doing an ordinarybackflip with your back, but, as you are in the middle of the air, you have to try and extend your legs and feet through the handlebars under your arms.

This is a bit risky, and there are a couple of things that can go wrong here. For example, if you do not get enough height off the ramp, you could end up getting your feet stuck in the handlebars or, worse, end up on the floor upside down. The latter could result in death. Thus, if you succeed in doing this trick, it will feel awesome, but it is not meant to be tried by amateur or for the faint of heart.

Double Frontflip

This front flop makes a single front flip look very basic and easy. Nothing difficult about explaining what to do here: lean forward to do a normal front flip, then simply do it again. It must be noted that this move is highly dangerous and has left pro dirt bikers paralyzed after attempting to do it on world stages.

Double Backflip

This trick is a little easier than its front flip counterpart but is by no means easy to do. It is difficult to do a single backflip, let alone two. You are going to want to get a lot of distance between you and the ramp to provide you with sufficient time to do this trick – if not, you might end up in a life-threatening situation.

Indian Air Seat Grab Backflip

To do this trick, make sure that you have the stabilizer cranked up. You also want your bars to be very stiff so that when you do the backflip your bars do not turn (which can be disastrous if you land). Furthermore, you also want to be very straight and parallel with your bike and not be crooked.

Now, when you go onto the ramp, you start with your backflip. While you are in midair, you take your one hand and grab the backside of your seat, with your other arm firmly and straightly on the throttle. You do not want to turn the steering wheel because that can make grabbing your seat more difficult and could end in a broken body part.

Kiss Of Death Backflip

The name is not really over-exaggerated with this one. To perform this trick, do a backflip but use your feet to push the seat from your dirt bike right under you. Your dirt bike will rotate in front of and above you and will eventually end up behind you.

While your dirt bike is behind you, stretch your arms out and push yourself forward to look like you are flying with your bike behind you whilst holding onto the handles. After this, pull/rotate yourself back up onto the bike that is now behind you.

There are many other tricks you can attempt if you are a bit tired of doing donuts. It is easy to do a donut on a dirt bike with a bit of practice. The moves listed above, however, require a lot of skill and should not be attempted unless you have had a lot of coaching, training, and people that can immediately assist you should something go wrong.


So, we know now that these fun bikes can do fancy tricks on the mud track. You can do donuts, which require a bit of practice and a couple of steps to follow before you master them. On the other hand, there are various other tricks to learn once you’ve mastered how to do a donut. A word of caution, these tricks require years of experience and practice, so be careful before you just jump on a bike and start doing them!


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